About Valor Tree Specialists

Our Vision & Purpose

Our story begins with a vision. A dream given to Anthony in 2009. A business paired up in a ministry, firmly rooted, built up and established in faith. Anthony, with a heart to serve and lead, a man of integrity, love, gentleness, passion and drive, fulfilled his dream which is now his reality. This vision was given to him during a time of discipleship training. Valor Tree Specialists is a loyal crew of men, and a band of brothers. Men who are eager to prove themselves. Once abandoned, and now transformed from the inside out. The Men Of Valor are challenged to grow, and have a renewed sense of purpose every day. Our ministry is able to give jobs to men who have hearts on fire for serving the Lord. We partner with Word Of Life Ministries, New Life Dream Center, and the Integrity House. Our business and ministry thrives on providing aftercare for the men who complete these eighteen month long programs. We stick together, and enjoy doing life together. Our team is committed, teachable, and strong in faith. Our desire is to serve clients with total care & kindness. We will release heaven on earth. Our business and ministry reflect’s positive change for our men and our communities. We will make a difference and an impact. We are passionate about being the change agents that will impact our community. With a heart to help, mentor, and bless. We will grow and we will grow. We know it is not in our own strength. We embrace the responsibility to make this world an even more beautiful place.

Our History

Valor has grown from the ground up, embracing humble beginnings since 2014. We started with a homemade wooden trailer hitched to our very first Valor pick up tuck. We have worked tirelessly to build up our name, reputation, and returning customers. Oh how God has done a mighty work for his name to be glorified through Valor Tree Specialists. Along with Valor’s mighty men, we started to reap a harvest. We have grown a name for Valor. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment. We have faithful men who will see our vision continue to be fulfilled. From a vision to reality; we strive on a purpose. Anthony has a calling and a gift in his position as the head of Valor. A calling to build Valor Tree Specialists into a business which strives to serve the community, and our ministry. He leads men on a path of life, promise, and happiness. Triumph for all. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. Phil. 4:13.

Core Values

Our strength comes spiritually. Our inspiration comes from things above. We run Valor in brilliance, with high moral standards in every job our name touches. We will be faithful in the little things. Our values consist more of excellence to do great things. A steward’s heart to serve and to meet all of our customers needs. To love and treat others as you want to be treated. Courage to learn and improve and boldly drive change from beauty to even more beauty. Leadership is our focus working on a team. Together is better. Sustain what we have for our future generations. Boldness to say where our help comes from. We seek to please you in truth and commitment. Build relationships with our returning customers. We value trust, hard work, humility, and purpose. Tree work is an art. Trees grow up and trees grow down. We have the eyes to see transformation to cater to our customers. Each job is unique, and special in its own way. Our values give us direction. To what once may have looked dead to you, let us come and bring new life.